Lady Accused of Adulterous R/ship With Apostle Suleman Speaks Out (Video)

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Lady Accused Of Adulterous R/ship With Apostle Suleiman Speaks Out.

The wife of the man accusing Apostle Johnson Suleman of sleeping with her, speaks out.

it can be said that Pastor Davids in a viral video shared on Sunday, January 24, alleged that he was a former Pastor with Omega Fire Ministries, presided over by Apostle Suleman.

He alleged that while he was still in the Ministry, Apostle Suleman slept with his wife and then transferred her to Abuja where she is now heading the church’s branch. He also alleged that the clergyman has stopped him from seeing his three children and has also been threatening his life. He also alleged that Apsotle Suleiman cast a spell on his wife.

Pastor Edeko, in a video she shared online, described her husband’s allegations as cheap blackmail.  She said it was Davids who walked out of their marriage and that she suffered so much abuse while she was still living with him.

According to her, she did not abandon her marriage rather, it was her husband who abandoned the family and even demanded a refund of her bride price from her family.

 “I don’t know what you hope to achieve, I don’t know who paid you but the only thing I will say is haven’t you done enough? Are you not tired of flogging someone’s daughter in pain?

You left me in Kano. You called me on a certain day that you were going to leave the marriage. I thought you were bluffing. I called my people and they can testify. My elder brother called you from the UK. You told them you were leaving the marriage.  My elder brother told me you were bluffing.

I remember I begged you and then I got to the office and I collapsed, according to what my principal said because I found myself in the hospital.

There are recordings which I will upload. You told my brothers that I would crawl in the gutters. I told them not to do anything to you, that you are still the father of my kids. At some point, I contemplated suicide. I had written my suicide note, I had bought sniper because I could not fathom how I would live life in so much pain. I won’t drag you because of my children… you have done too much.

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