Kiddwaya Reacts To Last Night’s Reunion Episode

Kiddwaya Spotted Kissing a White Lady Passionately In Front Of a Hotel in Dubai

Kiddwaya has shared a message following last night’s episode of the big brother lockdown reunion.

Last night’s episode finally had Kidd in the mix after being on the sidelines and looking as the drama unfolds, since the first episode.

Last night’s episode saw Kidd being accused by Wathoni for being a community boy and jumping from one lady to the other in the house.

Also, the bathroom saga where he and Nengi went to the washroom alone was brought up and Ka3na insinuated, the two dis something, which they both denied.

Nengi explained that, Kidd only helped her zip down her outfit and that, she and Kidd were only ‘good friends’ while in the house and nothing sexual ever happened between them.

Kidd has taken to social media following the episode last night to advise that, people should focus on making money, spending it, and minding their business.

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