Kiddwaya and His Manager under Fire for Using and Dumping Erica


Kiddwaya and His Manager under Fire for Using and Dumping Erica.

The fans of BBNaija reality star, Erica Nlewedim have alleged that Kiddwaya planned with his manager, Linek to play Erica.

Kiddwaya, yesterday, shared an alleged screenshot of a DM he received from Erica’s fan who dragged him and his late grandmother over a recent interview he did.

Kiddwaya, in the interview, when asked about his love life, said he doesn’t have a love life and this apparently this annoyed some Erica’s fans who have been shipping them together.

Few hours after the interview was aired, Kiddwaya shared a screenshot of the DM he received from an alleged Erica’s fan on Twitter.

So this is what it has come to now? Ok cool.

— Kiddwaya (@RealKiddWaya) January 10, 2021

However, her fans popularly called “elites” claimed that the chat posted by Kiddwaya is fake and was staged by Kiddwaya and his manager Linek to play Erica dirty and tarnish the image of elites.

Erica’s fans took to social media to call out Kiddwaya and his manager, while asking their colleagues to unfollow the reality star and his manger.

Here are some of the reactions:

That Linek is not only the problem, what makes kidd post that ??? He’s the one to be blamed .if he never post it ,that witch wouldn’t post it either… they all planned this shit up #EricaNlewedim

— jeremy omosco (@JeremyOmosco) January 11, 2021

How can you move from attacking Erica to shaming Linek without moving to the man? She’s mad but get to the root.

How can you baby Kiddwaya so much?

So now he’s being controlled and manipulated?

So all the ‘na man you be’ was for who? Abi manhood do usually off and on?

— Joy (@TheTosynnn) January 11, 2021

You’ve unfollowed Linek but still Following K? What is the color of your double standard?

— Bolanle (@___CuriousCat) January 11, 2021

Things I noticed about the screenshots from yesterday ,

•the missing unread DMs notifications, tweets

notifications (not possible for Terseer’s account not to have any)

•Typical bbn troll won’t say “chat rubbish” or call you “bro”

•Timezone (linek’s own)

— Tundaa fire Manyouu (@jiwor_ll) January 11, 2021

Let’s see the time constraint.

I want to understand something but it’s not making sense.

Posting of lost 20:25

And linek getting the dead dm 10:13..

How did the troll got to know before the fans?

Please help me understand before I turn FBI

— JayJay with the magical ears (@JayJaySarps) January 11, 2021

Omo Linek no send anybody and all the wailings o. She and trophy are smart ass people, they’ve 50% of the fanbase already

— Oluwatoyin

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