Kelvin Akparanta, African Biggest Man Ashawo Speaks (Video)


Kelvin Akparanta, African Biggest Man Ashawo Speaks.

Who ever said women are the only ones that do prostitution is totally wrong. For the first time, a man prostitute has come out to narrate his life as an “Ashawo”.

The man who is identified as Kelvin Akparanta said that he received praises from people that he was good in bed and then he thought of going into the business.

Kelvin aka “Akproka” said he can sleep with at least 10 women in a day that is when the market does not go well. He said that business normally booms on weekends because most of their clients are people who are busy during weekdays with their shops as well as wives of politicians and women politicians themselves.

He charges N5,000 per round and he sleeps with a minimum of 10 women in a day. He said that their business involves risk and if a customer requests that he does not use protection, he charges N100,000.

Kelvin also said that he has been to almost five countries with his “Ashawo” business. He said has been to Ghana, Gambia, South Africa, and the other two countries he never disclosed.

 “The No.1 risk in this our business na infection”, he said. Another is how they are been treated in society. Kelvin expressed his dissatisfaction on how society sees them as bad people which has to be defamed.

Kelvin is proud of his work and said he wants to be celebrated as the No.1 “Ashawo” in Africa.

Watch the video below:

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