JUST IN!!!Lind Ikeji Is Finally Ready To Tie the Knot-See the Man She Wants To Marry



Celebrity blogger, Linda Ikeji, has revealed in a 15-minute documentary by Success Story NG, the kind of man she wants. Linda also revealed how she started from nothing, embraced her passion and preserved it till she got to where she currently is.

“I do the blogging all by myself, If I had a boyfriend the blog will suffer, Boyfriend? I don’t talk about my personal life anymore. I was doing that in 2008/2009. But now, I am getting a lot of attention from men now for whatever reason” she said.

On being single and what she wants in a man, she said: “Unfortunately, I am single; I don’t know what it is. Definitely, I am looking; I just haven’t seen anyone I want to settle with. I hope it happens soon. The most important thing is a man who supports what I do. If he doesn’t support it, there is no Linda Ikeji and the person. That cannot happen. A man who respects women, who is kind-hearted, has his own money, has a job.”  Boss lady!


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