Julianna Olayode Accuses Pastor Timilehin Of S3Xually Abusing Her Sister, Asking For Anal S3X [VIDEO]


The drama between actress Julianna Olayode and her spiritual father, Pastor Timilehin Adigun, continues as Julianna has released a new video where she accused him of sexually abusing her sister.

In a video she posted on her Instagram page this morning, Julianna addressed Pastor Timilehin’s claim that she came by his office and was shaking because she knew she had wronged him.

She also alleged that Pastor Timilehin even asked her sister to allow him to perform anal sex with her. She said this was what was making her shake and tremble in anger when she went to see him in his church.

She said she suspected a while back that the clergyman was touching her sister and had visited him to ask him never to touch her sister.

She said he denied the allegation, accusing her of using his ”weakness and struggles” against him

”I told you Timilehin, you must not touch this girl. What did you do? You told her to come all the way from school, outside Lagos to meet you in the hotel for three days, watching her have her bath, sending her your nudes, even begging her to have anal sex with her and you think that my sister will tell me that kind of thing and I will not tremble and I will not be angry?” she said.

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