“Judy is that you?” – Reactions as Yul Edochie claims to have created the trending name ‘Nwunye Odogwu’

“Have You Impregnated Judy Again?” – Reactions As Yul Edochie Asks Fans to Call Him “Father Abraham”

Actor Yul Edochie, who has generated controversy, discloses how he launched the trending name “Nwunye Odogwu,”

The actor announced on his Instagram page that he is the real originator of the name.

As to his statement, he initially used it as a praise name for his second wife, Judy Austin, before the name acquired popularity and was adopted by several Nigerians.

He asked everyone using the name to remember to give him credit for coming up with it.

Yul Edochie wrote:

“In 2022 I launched the name NWUNYE ODOGWU on social media, which is what I call Ijelem, Judy Austin. The name immediately went viral.
It went global. Today everybody is answering Nwunye Odogwu, even the ones that are still looking for husband. Don’t worry God will answer your
prayers. As una dey use the name, just be remembering where it came from and give me my credit. Make God no judge una.

Reacting to the post…

@melanin_ruth_ said: “Are you no longer doing your pastor business?”

@alex_okoroji said: “Emeka morroco used it in 1998 for the Asili 98′ album. You were in SS1 then, stop dragging credit brah”

@barbie_m45 said: “Queen may is busy making money in owerri today you’re here bragging about the cheap public toilet obasi remain for you that you can’t even take care of”

@judy_chikeobasiyul_autism said: “Judy is that you? As you see your fellow woman Queen May is busy making money every time at fairs, all you do is sing, sing and fart in that old lexus car. Why can’t you wake up and start being innovative for once? See what you are writing in Yul’s page? Your jids are growing, hunger is already dealing with you”

@barbie_m45 said: “You don’t know the definition of that name right? Nwanyi odogwuo wey the use android phone and cheap hair, only one wig wey she the post. Her clothes nah rags omo no talk that thing again ooh”

In related news, Yul Edochie, a well-known movie performer from Nigeria, has expressed his joy at reaching one million views on YouTube in less than a month for his featured film “Black widow.”

The legendary actor expressed his joy on Instagram, where he uploaded a peek of the film on his timeline, along with appreciative remarks.

In the movie trailer, it looked that his second wife Judy Austin worked on the film alongside the actor. Yul Edochie, a preacher on the internet, conveyed his deep thanks to God.

He wrote, “Wow! @rockcellyfilms just woke me up to this beautiful news. BLACK BISHOP has hit 1m views on youtube. First I want to thank God Almighty who gives life, talent and blessings.”

“Thank you to @rockcellyfilms who came up with the concept. Over 2yrs ago we discussed this movie, you were so passionate about the concept and you listened to all my contributions. You said to me, ‘Odogwu no other actor will play this role for me except you’.”

“Thank you to all Yul Edochie fans and to all Judy Austin @judyaustin1 fans for the constant support. As una carry the matter for una head, na so God go dey carry una matter for head”.

“To the director, Tony Edozie, I know how many times you and I discussed the plotting of certain scenes in the movie and you always listen to me and open to make changes, you’ll keep going higher bro.”

“And to all cast and crew who contributed to the success of this movie, more blessings and more hits for you all.

To all who watched and still going to watch, God bless you. WE MADE A MASTERPIECE.”


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