“I’ve Received Over N5 Million, Jesus!” Mummy Zee screams as she shares her current account balance

mummy zee

Mrs. Deborah Olaki, popularly known as Mummy Zee, shared her commitment to getting up at 4.50 am every day in order to make her husband lunch in a life-altering tweet.

Many people were interested in this tweet since it addressed a user who questioned why a wife would wake up early to prepare food for her spouse.

Mrs. Olaki (@_Debbie_OA on X) had no idea that her tweet would provoke such a strong backlash as well as outpouring of love.

A contentious debate on social media was triggered by Mrs. Olaki’s choice to get up early and prepare breakfast for her husband.

She was called “insecure” by some, who also questioned if she really needed to act in this way to be in a good relationship.

But in an unexpected turn of events, a number of users—mostly men—united to back Mrs. Olaki.

They appealed for financial support from like-minded people in order to support her and help her dispel the notion that she is insecure. As word spread about this challenge, Nigerians from all walks of life started expressing their support for Mrs. Olaki.

In retaliation for those who disapproved of Mrs. Olaki’s behavior, a user going by the handle @Mochievous challenged males to donate money to her till it reached N5 million.

@Mochievous wrote; “I double dare these men to make it 5 million by the end of tomorrow so it can really really pain these bitter feminists. Keep it up guys.”

Mrs. Olaki expressed her gratitude while replying Mochievous’ tweet , revealing that the support she received has exceeded N5m. She wrote; “Don’t even want to screenshot my balance. Jesus! they did more than that o.”

Netizens reacting in the comments section took turns to share their thoughts about the video.

Balatic commented: “This story will trend for many years to come. Nigerians are making a huge statement about our culture and how protective of it we are.”

@vickie_coco said: “Please screenshot, make twitter coven people tears dey wey floor.”

@paulcryptz reacted: “Debby and her husband during testimony time on Sunday.”

@dearolaa commented: “It is God, tell me the name of your church, don’t forget that tithes it’s for Gods glory.”

@blacqlabel48 said: “@_Debbie_OA Abeg, Wetin be your prayer points for crossover make me self go cry to God of Debbie tomorrow.” *

@drpenking said: “This is how God will continue to shame the bitter coven.”

@realestherchuks said: “Where are those people on Twitter that don’t believe in Grace or God or Miracle? Come outside and tell us what we should call this?”

@datguyfawwaz reacted: “The way some ladies on this app go dey work relentlessly behind their phone to find something bad against this woman ehn. women don’t like each other.”

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