“I’ve been in a violent relationship that ended with me in a hospital”- Socialite Chioma Good Hair spills


Chioma Ikokwu, better known as Chioma Goodhair and a co-star on “Real Housewives of Lagos,” recently opened up about a previous abusive relationship.

Chioma revealed the details of her first relationship in a candid interview with Toke Makinwa on her podcast “Toke Moments,” which was so violent that she ended up in the hospital twice.

Chioma recalled locking her boyfriend out of her house after incidents of abuse.

Despite this, he would frequently spend up to three days outside her house, begging forgiveness in any weather. Chioma would eventually give in and let him in, only for the cycle of abuse to continue.

She admitted that despite being a strong individual, she found herself repeatedly returning to the abusive relationship.

Chioma stated that the violence was so severe that she was hospitalised twice.

She told her friend Kiko about the abuse but asked her not to tell anyone because she was struggling with the shame that comes with such experiences.

Chioma described her ex-partner as narcissistic in order to explain the nature of the abuse. He would frequently try to explain the incidents to others, even lying that Chioma had hurt herself accidentally.

She remembered one particularly heinous incident in which a blow from him caused her nose to shift.

“I’ve been in a relationship that was violent, like my first relationship I remember the first time he did it, he stayed outside of my house, he slept outside of my house for three days on the floor in the rain, sunshine, everything, he was begging.”

“ Obviously by the fourth day, I’m not a devil, I was like come in to sleep on the corridor. I woke up in the middle of the night, he was next to me on the bed and they beg, they come and shower you with gifts and tell you all these things and I’m a very strong, you know that I’m a strong person, but even I, went back. and then it happened the second time.”


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