“It’s not a good to bite the hand that feeds you” – Netizens reacts as once-famous ‘Happie Boys’ were seen buying bread by roadside

“It's not a good to bite the hand that feeds you” - Netizens reacts as once-famous ‘Happie Boys’ were seen buying bread by roadside

A Nigerian lady triggered social media emotions by releasing a video of the once-famous Nigerians, the Happie Boys, buying bread by the roadside.

The video’s description reads, “Guys, I saw the Happie Boys today, seems the tables have turned.”

Her remarks and video come months after the Happie Boys were deported from Cyprus due to a strained relationship with their sponsor, a Nigerian preacher who took them away from their workplace and sponsored their studies in Cyprus.

While in Cyprus, the Happie Boys made multiple videos disparaging the OPM pastor, embarrassing him despite his support for them. Several months after the breakup, they were supposedly deported to Nigeria.

In a new video, a Nigerian lady encountered the Happie Boys while buying a loaf of bread at an unspecified place late at night.

However, she felt sorry for the guys and mentioned how good and happy they could have been right now in Cyprus if they hadn’t betrayed their sponsor, the OPM pastor.

The lady’s statement reads: “So guys, I saw the Happie Boys today. Honestly, the Happy Boys don’t  look happy. It’s not a good to bite the hand that feeds you, especially a man of God.

“I really feel they need to go back to Pastor OPM and apologize and beg for his forgiveness because this is just going from grace to grass. They just messed up, they had a great opportunity but they messed up. Look at them, back to square one all over again.”

The lady’s video piqued the interest of many people, who flooded the post’s comment section to give their opinions.

Watch video below

Reacting to the post…

@mhizyetty said: “Me wey con Dey see them every day nko na my street dem Dey stay.”

@Son of mercy wrote: “They just need to hustle , they’ll be alright , nobody’s grace is tied to anyman.”

@Chima le said: “People wey dey buy this kind big bread for this economy you said they aren’t happy.”

@brutal wrote: “pastor opm is now a king for him village in abia state.”

@Vawulencemustreign remarked: “The other one dey hide… And na him dey mentor the smaller one before now.”

@Mo_Edun said: “You self way Dey talk Dey happy we move everybody is going through something make they go learn work.”

@KARLYPHA wrote: “they should ask for forgiveness but don’t take handouts again… hustle for your bread.”

@duncan1234562 said: “My dear nobody go see this ones help them again them no dey think make them go work.”

@gabbykrane0 wrote: “Every man Dey fuck up , I pray they learn from their mistakes and hustle, a downfall of a man is not the end of his life.”


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