Man Rewarded With $5,000 For Returning $14K Mistakenly Sent to Him

“It Pays to Be Good” - Man Rewarded With $5,000 (Over N7.5 million) For Returning $14K Mistakenly Sent to Him

Nigerian man rewarded with nearly N7.5 million after returning $14K that was accidentally sent to him.

A Nigerian man was monetarily rewarded for his honesty after returning $14k (roughly N21 million) that had been inadvertently sent to his account by a foreign crypto dealer.

The issue came to light because foreign crypto trader @raffayalvi publicly commended Femi’s integrity on Twitter (now X).

Following the post, netizens commended Femi’s conduct and asked for his cryptocurrency wallet address to offer him money as a reward for his honesty.

Femi, who recently announced his reason for not keeping the money, expressed thankfulness as his crypto wallet balance has now surged to over $5,000 (more than N7.5 million).

Sharing his excitement on Twitter, Femi wrote;

 “Waoh $5000 this is amazing @raffayalvi,”

Netizens Reactions…

@babs_ayobami said: “Bro, I’ll advise you to add your USDT wallet to it. ‘

‘People might want to gift you USDT too!!”

@Light4004 said: “I celebrate with you bro.

“This is really massive.”

@HarunaSimonPet1 said: “Just that 88 alone go do a lot for me congrats boss.”

@mr_cent992 said: “Boss you self dash me the 88$ at the back. “Show love too

@Kents29 said: “Bro withdraw first before u trade o.

“Withdrawal is the only winning way.

“Pls withdraw from your account first.”

@Adebayo_Dex said: “People wey no remember you before don start to dey call you? “No pick their call oooo.”

@orseaboh said: “I think you need to appreciate the community you’re growing as well.”

@DAYYWALKER98 said: “God tested you and you passed!!”

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