“Is This What Commoners Enjoy?, It Feels Like I’m In A Roller Coaster” – Lady Rides ‘OKADA’ for the first time [WATCH]


A Nigerian lady has revealed the feeling she had and her experience after using an okada as a means of transport in her life for the first time.

In a video shared on Instagram, the lady whose identity is not known was seated by behind an okada rider and she shared how she feels and thinks about the okada and according to her, the experience feels like a sitting on a roller coaster.

Speaking passionately, the lady got emotional at a moment as she laments that she was traumatized whilst embarking on her journey and bemoaned what ‘poor’ people who use okada as transport on a daily go through.

The lady was nearly moved to tears as she spoke and wondered how poor people have been glorifying Okada.

She said, This is my first time on Okada, my God is this what poor enjoy. My God it feels like I’m in a roller caster… I am so traumatized, is this what commoners go through every day. I wish I could do something for you guys”

Reactions culled below:

barriebankz007; `😂😂😂😂😂abeg na who do us this thing.. Make dem skata this country give me ma share make I buy suya😂

olorijolie; `The way she balance for that okada and taking a good video shoot from better angle. Forgerit Only Someone That Specializes In Climbing Okada For A Living Can Pull That Effortlessly

trekz wrote; `What is this one talking about😂😂😂😂 who are the poor people she is referring to 😂😂😂 cruise country

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