Is there any boarding daycare? –Man quizzes after his toddler destroyed full crate of eggs


A Nigerian man has taken to his Twitter account @VulfgangNwaruh to lament after his baby girl destroyed eggs in the kitchen.

He shared photos of the toddler standing in the midst of the mess she created and asked if there was any daycare which offers boarding options.

The father said he does not mind putting the girl in the boarding daycare and visiting her every weekend.

Sharing the photos, he captioned; ”Any Boarding Daycare Around? Will Be Visiting Her Every Weekend, I Don’t Mind.”

In reaction, @miriamifeoma2; One thing with broken eggs is you have to clean it up to a T ! Every single nook, else your house will smell like pit … Children are not good people tbh

@tristm0; Toddlers will show you hell

@evansylvia; If you see the boarding daycare abeg come carry this one join😫😩.

@Loud_life9; One create of egg for inside this sapa abeg find salary job for am make she Dey go work

@TiredZoey; Something wey be say once in a month person suppose dey carry these kids go do drug test,cos the things they do na only person wey dey take drugs fit do am…my son broke 7 window glasses with his bare hands and I keep wondering why he did that,like you no dey fear?