“Is He the Sponsor?” – Fans React as May Edochie Gushes Over Male Friend’s Cute Looks in New Video


Despite rumours of a possible divorce from her Nollywood actor housband, Yul Edochie, the known brand influencer, May Edochie was recently seen smiling with glee in the presence of a male friend.

In a riveting video shared on her social media site, May Edochie and her male friend were spotted riding inside a moving car, spending lovely moments together.

The video truly struck its highest point when May, her cheeks flushed with pleasure, playfully referred to him as a wonderful gentleman while also delivering a tongue-in-cheek warning to all the unmarried girls to maintain their distance.

See Video Below;

Fans who stumbled upon the clip on her page were absolutely enthralled by May Edochie’s saucy quips and delightful exchange with her friend.

Speculation ran rampant as certain individuals suggested that her estranged spouse, Yul, might find himself filled with jealous over her sweet remarks about her male friend.

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