Iraq, Nigeria and 14 Other Countries with Highest Level of Terror Attacks, Nigeria’s Position Will Make You Panic [SEE LIST]

Iraq, Nigeria and 14 Other Countries with Highest Level of Terror Attacks, Nigeria's Position Will Make You Panic [SEE LIST]

A report by World Economic Forum has identified the countries that have high risk of death from terrorist attack.

According to the report, most countries at the top of the list of most terrorism-prone are clustered in North Africa, the Middle East and South Asia. They include war-torn countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya, the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Lebanon, Israel, Yemen, Pakistan and Syria.

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Nigeria is said to be one of the countries around the world where the threat from terrorism is rated high.

Nigeria tops list of countries prone to terror attacksIraq has been named as the country most severely impacted by acts of terrorism. It has the highest level of terrorism-related fatalities.

A high percentage of all deaths as a result of terrorism in 2014 happened in Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Pakistan and Syria.

A recent assessment of terrorist risks in 1,300 cities, ranked urban centres in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Nigeria, Pakistan and Somalia as significantly more vulnerable than those in Belgium, France, the UK or the US.

Most of the countries affected by terrorism have a Muslim majority, while Nigeria has a roughly even Muslim-Christian split.

Since 2009, Nigeria has been experiencing an increase in terrorist activity due to Boko Haram insurgency. However, there was a decline in terrorist incidents last year compared to 2014 and 2015. This is largely because of sustained pressure from Nigerian troops who have been winning the war against insurgency.


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