iPhone Users Marveled by the New iOS 15; Opining That’s It’s All They Ever Needed


iPhone users are marveled by the new iOS 15 operating system version released by Apple yesterday, 20th September 2021.

Apple released its new operating system which came with lots of new features that have made users reacted happily. Some of the features include 3D Apple Map, a new weather display app, copying texts on images and other surfaces, sharing FaceTime links for windows and Android users, and more.

Some users took to the internet to express that, this is by far the most thoughtful and creative iOS version Apple has ever released. According to them, Apple has made an effort of making users manipulate their devices in the most secure way possible.

Others also disclosed that these new features make the devices more appealing to use. And also, the privacy level has been upgraded very well. Music lovers also mentioned that Apple’s ability to create different backgrounds for songs is easily the most refreshing thing ever made in this version.

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