Interpol Warns Nigeria against Buying Fake COVID-19 Vaccines


Interpol Warns Nigeria against Buying Fake COVID-19 Vaccines.

The attention of Nigeria and other member countries has been drawn by The International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) to the possibilities of fake COVID-19 vaccines in circulation.

The INTERPOL Secretary General, Jürgen Stock in a statement released on Wednesday warned that there must be a coordinated response from each country’s health and security operatives to prevent citizens from falling victim of the fake or stolen vaccines.

The statement warned that some fake websites run by criminals have started advertising and selling fake COVID-19 vaccines and innocent members of the public must be protected.

The INTERPOL statement titled:

 ‘Interpol warns of organized crime threat to COVID-19 vaccines’,

 Stock stated:

“As governments are preparing to roll out vaccines, criminal organizations are planning to infiltrate or disrupt supply chains.

“Criminal networks will also be targeting unsuspecting members of the public via fake websites and false cures, which could pose a significant risk to their health, even their lives.

“It is essential that law enforcement is as prepared as possible for what will be an onslaught of all types of criminal activity linked to the COVID-19 vaccine, which is why Interpol has issued this global warning.”


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