Impeachment and Other Five Important Things That Will Soon Happen In Nigeria If President Buhari Didn’t Return Soon, Number Four Is Already Happing [Must Read]

5 things that will happen if president buhari didnt return

Right now, Nigerians are confused and do not know what to believe regarding the state of President Buhari’s death. The extension of his vacation has thrown the nation into yet another state of uncertainty.

However, there are 5 things that certainly must happen, if the president fails to return on Monday, February 6, as earlier promised

  1. Osibanjo Continues

Vice president Yemi osinbajo will continue to preside over the affairs of the nation as he has in a few days now.

It will be recalled that within the time of Buhari’s absence, Osinbajo has held a meeting with members of the presidential Task Force on the rising cost of food items in Nigeria.

The acting president, while giving directives at the Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting, on Wednesday, February 1, expressed concern at some of the inflationary rates of food prices, noting that a Task Force which was instituted will explore options to promote availability and affordability of food items to Nigerians.

  1. 15000-youths return home, heartbroken

The 15,000 Nigerian youths who are set to welcome President Muhammadu Buhari when he returns from his 10-day UK vacation, would have to return home heartbroken.

However, they would have to pray for the well being of the president who reports suggest might have to undergo a surgery, one which will keep him back for 4 months.

  1. Rumours abouth his death will be strengthened

There have been rumours of President Buhari’s death, these rumour mongers will come out in full force to propagate their gospel of doom.

The extension for many out there would be an affirmation of the worst as regards the president’s state of health.

  1. Presidency to defend extension [lai mohammed must say somthing]

The presidency will be saddled all week long with the task of defending the extension exercise. Already the presidency has issued a statement as regards the president’s health, in the wake of claims that he is critically ill.

  1. Pressure for impeachment and resignation

There definitely will be pressure and calls for resignation and impeachment. Already it is being echoed among Nigerians, that the presidency has been lying to the people.

The inclusion of medical result as reason for extension of the vacation, will further give credence to the assumptions of the people.

They will call for the resignation of the president, stating health reasons, some will call for impeachment, and there are so many calls to be expected.

The presidency will be pressured, the Senate would have many decisions to look into, the people will ask very troubling question, and only President Buhari can put their hearts to rest.


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