“I’m Tired, My Business Are Crashing, My Whole Life Has Crashed” – Jay Bogie Breaks Down in Tears After His Two Kidney Failed


Jay Boogie, a popular lifestyle influencer, breaks down in tears as he laments being bored of being hospitalized as his businesses and life fall apart in his presence.

It should be noted that the transgender had a buttlift procedure a few weeks ago, which destroyed his two kidneys and placed him on dialysis.

Jay Boogie begged Nigerians for help during a live Instagram session after uploading a video of his present deplorable state.

He bemoaned how his businesses were collapsing while he was in the hospital fighting for his life due to the repercussions of his failed surgery.

During a live Instagram session after sharing a video of his current depreciating condition, Jay Boogie pleaded to Nigerians for their support.

He lamented of how his businesses are collapsing while he is limited to the hospital battling to survive the complications of his botched surgery.

“My Whole life, My business everything has crashed because of my Present Condition, the news Circulating that I am well is false, Please help me, I Am tired,” he stated as he burst into tears.

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