“I’m Not a Husband Snatcher” – Rudeboy’s Girlfriend Who Is Allegedly Pregnant Addresses Accusations of Being a Husband Snatcher

Ivy Ifeoma

Ivy Ifeoma, the girlfriend of veteran artist Rudeboy, has responded to charges made by netizens that she is a husband snatcher.

Ivy has been accused of being a husband snatcher since the duo started dating, just after Paul Okoye divorced his wife.

Ivy reacted to the claims on her Instagram story, claiming that many people rely on erroneous information.

She stated that she entered into a relationship with an unmarried man and had no involvement in their separation or divorce.

In her words: “I don’t have to do this at all, but I will cause I’ve never really said a word about it and it seems a lot of you are addicted to misinformation. I met/got into a relationship with a very SINGLE man. I was nowhere in the picture when they got separated or divorced. And I certainly do not have time to chase people from their houses Aburo kwanu m ogbanje. So my dear, yes, I sleep well at night. ATP, any other nonsense you choose to believe/ circulate just means you’re a witch.”


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