“If you’re a divorcee go find love again” — Apst. Okose drags African preacher who says marrying a divorcee is adultery and wrong

“A lot of ladies are single because they don’t know their destiny husband is a married man” – Apostle stirs controversy [Video]

Apostle Okose Emmanuel has slammed an African preacher who was telling his congregation that marrying a divorcee is adultery and that the marriage has no future.

He responded to this preacher by advising divorced people to remarry and find love and happiness.

He went on to say that religion is a major issue in our generation and that it has infiltrated people deeply.

According to Apostle Okose Emmanuel, common logic should not be used to interpret the Bible.

He continued his explanation with a Bible passage in which God instructed Hosea to divorce his wife, despite the fact that God claims to despise divorce.

He believes that if a marriage is bad, one should leave it before you die in that marriage.

The apostle encouraged divorcees to give themselves another chance and love again.

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