“If you like do monkey style, you will end up like others”- Footballer Jude Ighalo’s ex-wife, Sonia throws shade


The former spouse of footballer Odion Jude Ighalo, Sonia Ighalo, has mocked an unidentified woman.

Sonia stated on her Instagram profile that different sexual styles cannot keep a man.

No amount of sexual style, according to the mother of three, would be enough to keep him.

She believed she would eventually move on to become just like those before her.

Despite the fact that she omitted names, many people think she is referring to her ex-husband’s new lover.

“If you like do monkey style, break your waist to enter by force. Sis you will END up like others. And the ‘birds’ before u”.

You’re An Endangered Species If Your Wife Can’t Pray – Jude Ighalo’s Ex-Wife Sonia

The ex-wife of Jude Ighalo, Sonia has disclosed that as a man you become an endangered species if your wife is just beautiful but can’t pray and study the word of God.

Sonia shared with us the risk a man stands to face if his wife is just beautiful but cannot pray or study the word of God and that makes you an endangered species because everything spiritual might get to you so easily.

According to Sonia, as a man if your wife is just beautiful but cannot pray and study the word of God then you that you are an endangered species as that makes you vulnerable in most situations and everything might get to you or affect you.

It’s true that a prayerful woman protects her husband and family from all kinds of things both physically and spiritually therefore, if your wife ends up being only beautiful and cannot pray, then you are indeed an endangered species.

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