If you can afford food you don’t even know what God has done for you – Doyin says after going shopping

  • Reality TV star Doyin David expresses gratitude for her privilege and acknowledges the immense suffering in Nigeria.
  • The reality TV star shared her observations after visiting the popular Ogba market in Lagos for thae first time.
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Reality TV personality Doyin David acknowledges her position and thanks God for it after learning about the extent of hardship in Nigeria.

The reality TV personality talked about her first visit to Lagos’s well-known Ogba market and her observations.

She wrote;

“I realized today for the first time how detached from reality I am…..people are suffering!!!!

If you can afford food, accommodation and your basic needs you don’t even know what God has done for you.

Today has to be the day I’ve felt the most grateful to God for the life I have.

Yes I visited ogba market and a place called Sunday market. All I could say last night was just thank you Jesus. Sometimes it’s good to visit places outside your comfort zone.

I’ve never gone to the food market to buy even something as small as pepper in my entire adult life. I must have followed my mum once or twice as a child but I don’t even remember the experience

Yesterday was really eye opening for me.

It’s funny how I don’t even know how much they sell pepper or tomatoes or chicken or Turkey or anything at all. There is a whole world outside what I know or what I’m used to.

I realized I’ve been a brat for the most part of my life. I get frustrated when I don’t get my way over frivolous things when there are people that can’t even feed.

If you really want to know how privileged you are, visit the less privileged and you learn to be more grateful.”

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