“If You Are Planning To Drag Me, Think Am Again, Because I Won’t Spare You”—Anita Joseph Warns

#BBNaija: Anita Joseph Slams Pere

Nigerian actress Anita Joseph has taken her time to tell all those who troll and drag people to back off.

She says, “This message is for trolls. If you are planning to troll or drag me, I’m not a good choice. I’ll troll you back.”

She says she’s good at also dragging people and there should not be considered as a victim of trolling.

It is commonplace now for celebrities to be dragged based on any of their misbehavior but Anita Joseph says she refuses to be dragged unless whoever is dragging her would also be dragged too.

This is a first as she flaunts to the public how good she is at trolling or at dragging people.

Mentioning how she was going to drag those who dragged her from the hair on their head to whatever they wore beneath their outfit.

She Includes by reminding fans and the general public how she wouldn’t take the dragging lying down as she’s also a boss at it herself.

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