“If I Come Back Again, Make I Bend” – Aged Woman Over The Moon As She Travels To US For The First Time


A heartwarming video shows a Ghanaian woman’s reactions after traveling to the United States (US) for the first time to join her children.

The grandmother, pledged never to return to her native land as she expressed her joy at moving to America.

The old woman, who recently relocated to the United States to join her children who have lived there for many years, expresses her shock in a series of videos uploaded online.

In the TikTok videos, the old woman can be seen admiring the environment and high-rise buildings in New York City while on a tour with her eldest son.

In an interview with DJ Nyame on the SVTV Africa YouTube channel, the grandmother expressed her joy at reuniting with her children and her new life in the United States.

She shared her astonishment at the tall buildings and the cleanliness of the city.

She told DJ Nyame, “This place is like heaven; there is no noise, and it is not littered.” This area is stunningly gorgeous, with high-rise structures. I will not return to Ghana again. “I like it here.”

Watch the video below:


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Social media users shared their thoughts via comment section. Some reactions are shown below:

Awo said, “Dear God,just incase I can’t do it for my mum,let me son do this for me”.

Mumsy said, “How your mum is happy is same way your children will make you happy”.

Gorgeous baby  said, “I wanna huge her, she’s making me cry”.

M Boat said, “LORD bless you so much 4 loveing time will granny”.

Chrisy’s Samosa and Rolls said, “oyiwa I said it she will look young, Ghana economy no emboa dressing no”.


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