“I Wish I Could Have a Small Touch of My Junior Colleague Portable” – D’banj


D’banj, a Nigerian music icon, has publicly expressed admiration for his junior colleague Portable, recognising the controversial singer’s distinctive spark in the music industry.

In a recent interview with The Beat FM in Lagos, D’banj expressed his desire to replicate Portable’s uncontrolled inventiveness, emphasising their shared passion for spontaneity.

D’banj reflected on his early days in the music industry, recalling the excitement of making and releasing music on a whim, without hesitation.

He lamented current industry conventions, which frequently involve waiting weeks or months to release new music, and commended Portable for preserving the spirit of spontaneity.

D’banj believes that everyone may benefit from adopting some of Portable’s attitude to music and life.

He believes Portable’s determination to seize opportunities and combine ability and luck is an important lesson for artists to stay true to their vision and embrace their uniqueness.

He said:

“I wish I could be like Portable because he is doing the way I used to do … You feel something in the night, you call Don Jazzy. You drop it in the morning.

“Remember the way we dey do that time. But now dem dey tell us say make we wait for two or three weeks and put it on playlist. Forget that. I think everybody needs a pinch of Portable in them. I think that is what he reminds me of; for you to take everything as an opportunity. They said for you to make it in life you’ve to be lucky. Luck is opportunity finding talent. That’s what we are”.

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