“I think people who want to get married should live together for a little bit” – popular singer, Simi


Simi, a popular singer and mother of one, believes that people with long-term plans should cohabitate for some time under the same roof. She believes that outside behavior is often different from inside, and living with someone allows them to better understand their various sides and determine if they are ready for a long-term relationship.

Well-known singer Simi discusses why she believes that future partners should live together for a while before getting married. The well-known singer and mother of one voiced her thoughts in a podcast called Tea with Taye.

Those who have long-term plan for themselves ought should live together for a while, according to Simi.

Simi argues that the reason is that you can never truly know someone when they’re outside.

She emphasized that people typically behave differently when they are outside than when they are inside and irritable.

Simi said that people are often well-behaved outside.

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The singer went on to say that after living with someone, one can easily see all of their many aspects and determine if they are ready and eager to spend the rest of their lives with them.

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