I stopped giving girls money for a month and I was able to buy car – Skit-maker, Shank


Nigerian content producer Shank Comics has disclosed that by cutting back on his generosity, he was able to buy a house and a car.

Skit maker, Shank Comics acquires first car, fans react

He clarified that sometimes individuals are not as impoverished as they would believe; rather, in order to become wealthy, people must learn to say no, otherwise their labours of love will not produce riches.

Shanks, the comedian, shared on social media that he decided not to give money to any girlfriends or family members for a month, which allowed him to purchase two houses. Shanks also said that this choice allowed him to buy a car.

But the internet comic pointed out that he is not advising people to be stingy, rather he wants them to take a firm stance on monetary matters.

In his words; “Sometimes you are not really broke, no matter how you hustle, if you don’t learn to say No to certain people you’ll never be rich. You can’t be drowning and trying to save others, you’ll end up drowning too.

“I took a month and I said I’m not going to send anybody anything, even family I said no. Guess what? at that month I was able to buy a car and house. I’m not saying you should be stingy but just STAND STRONG FIRST”.

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