‘I started off based on a dare’-Nigerian man wows netizens with photos of surprising transformation in two years


Shalom, a Nigerian man shared astonishing photos of his physique transformation within a two year period, which impressed netizens.

He posted pictures of his former slim self and his recent buffed up body with increased muscle and six packs.

He said that he started the workout routine in Jan 2020 and it all started as a dare with a friend. He also shared how he was able to achieve that.

Sharing the photos, he wrote;

‘I’ll also answer the 2 major questions via this thread being . I) what’s the workout routine 2) What’s the diet do I use supplements. I DON’T USE SUPPLEMENTS I’m not against it either

The first routine should be writing the goal here’s a paper I wrote down on the 4th of February 2020 and gave to a friend as a Dare. Yh I started off based on a dare.

My main routine hasn’t changed much it’s centered on gaining mass using COMPOUND movement

Bench Press(Chest),Deadlift and barbell backrow( a back workout),dumbbell curl/barbell curl( Biceps),Skull crusher (triceps),Overhead press( shoulders),Squats( Quads* Hamstrings )”

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