‘I should have told you all Caroline was lying, but…’ -Laura Ikeja reacts to Caroline Danjuma’s allegation against Linda Ikeji


Laura Ikeji Instagram influencer and sister to billionaire blogger Linda Ikeji has reacted after Nollywood actress Caroline Danjuma Hutchins accused her sister Linda Ikeji of being responsible for her crashed marriage.

Gistlover earlier reported that Caroline Hutchins had blamed the celebrity blogger for partially wrecking her marriage with her malicious blog posts.

In a face-off with Linda Ikeji’s younger sister, Laura Ikeji during the Real Housewives of Lagos reality show, Caroline spilt on how Linda Ikeji had a role in her divorce.

According to the mum of 3, Linda Ikeji was fond of writing dirt about her and no matter the countless number of times she reached out to the blogger, she always paid a deaf ear to her pleas.

Caroline claimed that Linda lied about her having her daughter for another man and also lied to her readers about her age.

She made it known that she didn’t snatch her husband from Linda Ikeji, who seemed to have been dating the billionaire.

Firing back, Linda Ikeji shared screenshots of her blog posts over the years and there was nowhere on the blog she claimed Caroline had a child for another man.

Linda Ikeji admitted that she wrote about the actress’s age controversy, but apart from that, there have never been any negative reports on her.

Setting the record straight, Linda Ikeji pointed out how Caroline Hutchins always blames people for the demise of her marriage.

Linda revealed that still on this reality show, a cast member said she lied when she said Linda Ikeji’s blog contributed to the end of her marriage and even mentioned another cast member who Caroline has for years blamed for the end of her marriage.

She (linda) noted how Caroline Hutchins admitted on Instagram this year that she blamed herself for the end of her marriage.

Linda Ikeji also added that she bears no grudge against Caroline as she doesn’t know her.

Backing up her sister’s claim, Laura Ikeji, in a post shared on her Instagram page, said she felt bad about Linda’s statement refuting Carolyn’s claim.

Laura Ikeji said she should have told everyone the truth yesterday that Carolyne was lying, but she didn’t want to escalate everything.

The mother of two said she knew Carolyn was off through the night but didn’t want to talk back, not because she couldn’t defend her family but considering children are involved.

She wrote: This morning, I woke up a lil sad when I saw @lindaikejiblogofficial statement refuting the claims Carolyn made, I should have told y’all Carolyn was lying yesterday but I didn’t want to escalate anything really. I knew Carolyn was off all through the night but I refused to cut her or talk back, not because I couldn’t defend my family but she was talking about a child. Children re off limits for me.

I asked my sister about these stories and we googled them but nothing came up. You guys need to know Carolyn lol. It will all makes sense soon. I can’t say anything about the show because of course I signed a contract but it will all make sense soon..

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