I recorded my new album while lying down – Ayra Starr


Ayra Starr, a famous Nigerian singer, shared that she experienced writer’s block that hindered her creativity.

She mentioned that she couldn’t write songs for six months until a friend gifted her the demo of her song ’21’ from her latest album, ‘The Year I Turned 21.’

This demo sparked her creativity, allowing the song to flow effortlessly. She even recorded her second album while lying down with a microphone in hand, completing everything in one take.

Ayra Starr said; “I got the demo of ’21’ from a friend as a birthday gift the day I turned 21. I had told him that it has been so hard… I was having a writer’s block for six months.

I couldn’t write about myself then he gave me the first version of the song in a demo as my birthday gift. Recording ’21’ was quite easy for me, I did it in one-take. I was even lying down with the mic in my hand.

’21’ is special because it is what opened my mind to the rest of the album. With ’21’ I started to see myself again the way I wanted to see myself.”


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