“I now date white men, Arabics and professionals” – Davido’s alleged pregnant mistress, Anita Brown updates Nigerians

“Y’all disrespect me too much and expect me to keep that baby” – Davido’s rumoured side chick, Anita rants again

Anita Brown, the purported mistress of Davido, has informed Nigerians on her latest spec of men.

Anita Brown revealed that she now dates Arabic men, White males, and professionals who do not use social media but own shares and securities on it.

She said this while warning Nigerians not to misinterpret and exploit his apparent fragility.

She states that her experience has taught her an important lesson and that she will never encounter someone like Davido again.

Anita said that she was not interested in urban guys, minorities, or non-whitewashed artists, or men who are not CEOs or chairmen.

In her words: “Don’t confuse my Nigerian moment of weakness & run in. That was a lesson that will forever keep “y’all kind” off my radar for the rest of my life.
I am in no way, shape, or form interested in urban men, artists, mīnorities who aren’t whitewashed, men who aren’t CEOs or Chairman. I date white men, Arabics, and professionals. The people I date don’t have social media. They have stocks and shares in social media”.


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