“I must meet him” – Man trekking from Benue to Lagos to see Oga Sabinus pleads


A young man is walking from Benue to Lagos to see his role model, famous comedian Oga Sabinus.

It appears that this era serves as an opportunity for fans to meet their idols, as another ambitious Nigerian has begun a similar adventure after a biker made a definite vow to pedal to Lagos state in order to visit Davido.

Kech Man, a man from Benue, made the decision to walk all the way from Benue to Lagos in order to meet famed comedian Sabinus.

Kech Man emphasized with emotional emphasis in widely shared videos that he is currently going through the challenging terrain of Nasarawa, forging forward with unshakable resolve through the pouring rain.

He begged his committed followers to share the video online in an attempt to make it popular until his favorite, Sabinus, learned of his unshakable mission.

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