‘I Miss Detty December So Much’ —Nancy Isime Says As She Hits The Gym


Actress cum show host Nancy Isime, has revealed how she’s reconsidering her life choices on as she makes her return to the gym.

The actress who had been on break since December, took to her Instagram page to share images of herself working out. She revealed she missed the December fun, popularly referred to as ‘Detty December’.

“First day back to working out since December and I’m already reconsidering all my life choices,” she announced.

 “I miss Detty December so much.The worst part is that I have to go back to waking up early to workout,” she added.

She also recalled when she was on break, saying; “Bring back my Champagne diet days when I didn’t know what time it was.

Sleep 6am and wake up when the dream wey I dey dream don dey too much (sic). “Sadly, I love the fitness life too much! Just a matter of days before I get my Mojo back.

“It’s just my trainer that has to deal with me saying ‘I’m about to die’ after every set this week.”

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