“I met Blessing CEO entering the same police station I was leaving” – Verydarkman

  • Verydarkman, a popular activist, shares an unexpected encounter with Blessing CEO, who is facing cyberbullying claims.
  • The incident occurred as Verydarkman was leaving an unrelated case of alleged fraud.

Popular activist Verydarkman has spoken up about his interaction with Blessing CEO, who is presently facing cyberbullying claims, at a police station.

The unexpected encounter took place as Verydarkman was leaving the station after being called for an unrelated case of alleged fraud.

Blessing CEO, who was previously detained in 2022 for cyberbullying the late Bimbo’s sister following an IVD scandal and Bimbo’s unexplained death, was allegedly at the police station again.

Verydarkman used his Instagram feed to relay the unusual circumstances of the meeting.

According to Verydarkman, he saw Blessing CEO approach the police station and meet paths with the late Bimbo’s sister, who was extremely distraught.

In a brief talk, the sister allegedly informed Verydarkman that they were there to pick up the loose ends of the unsolved issue involving the late Bimbo.

Remember that in 2022, Blessing CEO faced legal ramifications for cyberbullying the late Bimbo’s sister while protecting her pal IVD, who was suspected of being involved in his wife’s sad death.

The controversial figure had been detained and later found guilty of the accusations.

According to Verydarkman, Blessing CEO has not refrained from publicizing the Bimbo affair, which supposedly continues along the same lines that lead to her original arrest and detention.

The activist posted a video on his Instagram feed, giving a firsthand view of the bizarre scenario inside the police station.

In the video, he discussed the unusual confluence of personalities involved in the two unique situations, including an emotional discussion with the late Bimbo’s sister.

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