“I love gay people” – Charly Boy reveals

  • Charly Boy, a prominent Nigerian activist, has sparked controversy by revealing his love for gay people and his past as a bank scammer.
  • Charly Boy shared shocking details about his past life with Nedu Wazobia on The Honest Bunch.
“I love gay people

Popular campaigner Charly Boy shocked Nigerians by coming clean about his passion for homosexual people and his past as a bank fraudster.

Charly Boy disclosed several shocking revelations about his previous life in an interview with Nedu Wazobia on The Honest Bunch.

After saying briefly how much he loved the gay community, he revealed that he was raised as a bad guy and that at sixteen, he had given birth to a child. His first child is now 53 years old.

He also disclosed that he was defrauding banks and they were paying him long before 419 became well-known.

In a different disclosure, Charly Boy stated that his father emotionally hurt him through religion when he was a small child.

He also told the story of how he took this incredibly pretty girl home, and when she excused herself to go to the restroom, she came back looking like a grown man.

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nehcheeasked:“Shebi Efcc won’t come after him after this? Abi Dss”

e3cateringservicessaid:“Life is really full of mysteries”

Olusegun Peters Jrnoted:“Some info should never see d light of day except if it’s going to help to solve a crime. U like gaybu’s ke?”

jenniphermnoliwrote:“From beginning to end na so so ahh ahh ahhhh I dey shout . Ooooomo”

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