“I haven’t spoken with my son for about 10 or more years now” – Shatta Wale mother reveals

"I haven’t spoken with my son for about 10 or more years now" - Shatta Wale mother reveals

Elsie Evelyn Avemegah, the mother of famed Ghanaian dancehall artist Shatta Wale, has expressed her distress and requested public support.

In a recent social media video, the 70-year-old woman discussed her health issues and emotional struggles, revealing a decade-long separation from her son, Shatta Wale.

According to her, she feels ignored by her son, who is oblivious of her living condition and well-being.

Shatta Wale’s mother claimed that she is currently under the care of her sister and niece, Sharita Aheteku, due to health difficulties.

She appealed to the public for financial support, saying:

“My name is Elsie Evelyn Avemegah. I am the biological mother of Shatta Wale. I haven’t spoken with my son for about 10 or more years now. He doesn’t know where I live and what I eat but now my health is dropping and I seriously need help.”

The Ghanaian singer previously discussed how his parents‘ separation affected him.

The artist discussed the difficulties of growing up in a split family, emphasizing the volatility and emotional turmoil it caused in his life.

He discussed how the lack of a strong family unit affected his sense of security and self-identity throughout his formative years.

Shatta Wale revealed that he felt lost and vulnerable as a result of his parents’ separation, claiming that the emotional wounds inflicted by the separation seeped into his relationships and overall well-being, shaping his behavior and responses to life’s challenges.

Shatta Wale recounted occasions when he felt misunderstood and labelled disrespectful by his parents, before revealing his decision to leave home in search of peace, resulting in homelessness.

He described evenings spent sleeping on the streets, seeking refuge in unusual places such as Nkrumah Circle and Adabraka.



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