“I have only one idea of raising my kids”- Actress Nadia Buari shares her parenting tips


Nadia Buari, a Ghanaian actress, gave her many followers a special parenting advice.

The mother of four admitted that she had a ton of plans about how to raise her children before she ever had them.

Unfortunately, she only knows how to love children through their smiles, soiled hands, and fearlessness as she raises them.

She said that she loves them through it all, the good and the hard times, when discussing the difficult times.

“Before I had kids, I had a million ideas on how I would raise them. Now that they are here? I have ONLY ONE and that is to LOVE THEM.
Love them through their GIGGLES, MESSY HANDS, and FEARLESSNESS.
And when it is hard, like really hard, I’ll LOVE THEM through that too! My whole world revolves around them”.

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