‘I Have Lived Alone For Almost 4 Years, I Sometimes Talk to my Microwave and Cutleries’- BBN Ifu Ennada Cries Out


Reality TV star Ifu Ennada has cried out about the challenges of living alone and how she cope at times.

In the post shared on her Instagram story, Ifu Ennada said she probably needs help as she has been living lonely for almost four years now.

According to Ifu Ennada, she can be lonely sometimes, and all she does is talk to her microwave and cutleries, calling them several pet names.

She wrote:

“Maybe I need help. I’ve lived alone for almost 4 years… Sometimes I remember how lonely it gets… I’m out here talking to my Microwave and cutlery. I’m out here calling them my love and baby. Yo!”

In other news Reality TV star, Nina Ivy, has responded after a troll left an unpleasant comment about her body on her social media page.

The troll claimed that Nina has failed to show off her surgically enhanced butt because she isn’t proud of it.

The Instagram user with the handle @shasha824 wrote;  

“Seems Nina isn’t proud of her ass job, she never shows it. Na wah”

Nina response;

Ok so someone made this comment on my page earlier today , and this is not the first time someone is making this comment, I can’t remember telling you guys that I had a surgery so I can show off my ass , my surgery was for own body improvement, for myself , I’ve always wanted this body and I had the money so why not , I am not that type that feel comfortable showing off my ass on social media except I decide to do that , which is very unlikely to happen , Let me be please.

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