“I have an issue that is taking my life” -Actress Ada Ameh discloses mental health challenge,  seeks help [Video]


Nollywood actress, Ada Ameh has cried out over an issue which is eating her up.

The actress revealed that she was given a job which she failed to deliver because she was battling mental health.

Unfortunately for her, the company didn’t understand what she was going through and at such had filed a lawsuit against her.

Ada Ameh claimed the company was suing her for a staggering amount, which she seems unable to afford.

The thespian admitted that the lawsuit is taking her life, but, she wouldn’t allow it weigh her down or kill her.

Ada Ameh vowed to get over it.

She said : “I have an issue right now that can take my life but I no go die. We would get over it. I was given a job but I didn’t do it because I have mental health issues. Will people understand it if you have mental issues? No they wouldn’t. They are slamming me with a bill, suing me. It’s okay”.

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