I Have Almost Everything, But No Child And I Want To Write My Will – Muslim Lady Laments

A Muslim woman has shared her ordeal and explained that she is happily married to her husband with all the material things of this world but she lacks children and she wants to give birth.

The woman said: “I am a married woman, living with my husband only, and I do not have any children. Praise be to Allah in all circumstances. My parents are both deceased, and I have brothers and sisters who are married. My grandfathers and grandmothers are also deceased. I have uncles and aunts on both my father’s and mother’s sides.

I own some gold and silver, and personal belongings such as clothing and books, including the Book of Allah, and my bank account where I receive my monthly pension. I want to write my will, but in a situation such as mine, I do not know how, or who my heirs are. Can I make my husband (may Allah preserve him) the executor of my will? “

“Because I want to write some other things in addition to the estate, such as things that I cannot tell him right now, like asking him to think well of me if he discovers or hears something after I die, because he complains about my being very quiet, not talking much, and being mysterious.

 This is because sometimes I hide from him things that I think it is better to hide in order to avoid troubles or problems with other family members, and Allah knows best about my intention. I hope that I have explained my questions well, and that I will have a clear answer from you.”

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  1. If there is anything you feel is hard for you to tell him I think pray about it or go to your Imam and explain things God will take control am God out of his mercy Will give you children of your own

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