I feel sad, just 2 years left before I die – Yahoo boy spills [Video]

I feel sad, just 2 years before I die – Yahoo boy spills [Video]

A video is making the rounds on social media that reveals the moment a young man who is alleged to be a Yahoo boy expresses his utmost unhappiness as he has only few years to live on earth.

The fresh looking middle aged guy who is identified as @guccilord26 on video sharing App, TikTok said that he has only two years to live on earth.

Sharing the video of his palatial mansion, the young looking guy who is accompanied with luxuries on his neck and wrist stated that he always feel sad whenever he knows that he is going to die young.

Obviously, Internet fraudsters, most especially Yahoo Yahoo that deals with ritual killings has been one of the trending conversations in Nigeria. These Yahoo boys kill innocent people, and then defraud people of their hard-earned money, believing it was the blood of the victims that brought the cash. Many believed that poverty, moral decadence and lust for opulence brought about the surge in Yahoo Yahoo among the youths.

Revealing how emotionally unstable he is that he will soon die, the alleged Yahoo boy wrote; “Whenever I remember I will die young, I feel so sad. 2years left.”

Watch the video below;

See reactions that follows the above video below;

ericaavemiri: I don’t have any words of encouragement for you just accept the fact that in this life you come and you go.

Bammystandard00: Rip my bro😂. We wey no rush no get sense Abi🤣.

user5327976041025: Did someone send you to do juju.

spydoononi5: So heartbroken Right now💔 abeg the remaining funds share am for us wey go still dey alive🥰.

missanny75: Aside Ritual you guys are thinking what about if he has Health condition that has left him with just two years on Earth?

cupcakee09: When you get that undefined burning hunger packaged as wealth thinking it will quench your thirst…. Then you acquire it with all the necessary means available to realise that self happiness, self love,self fulfilment and peace of mind is worth morethan diamond.

tundeokoya: If this is true…. sorry bro… vanity upon vanity all na vanities.

lovinggift_beautyworld: Give the remaining 2years to God and he can turn it to ever lasting , there is nothing too hard for God to do , receive peace ☮️ in Jesus mighty name .

mzbabybkay: Yet your name is not on the first 10 world richest people, why do you have to allow the devil to rob you of your destiny. I pray God restore you back from whatever it is that you have involved yourself.