“I don’t talk about you because you are not yourself” – Rita Edochie replies Yul Edochie as she tags Judy Austin a “Drama Dev!l

“No evidence, you will explain tire”- Rita Edochie slams Yul Edochie over his evidence against his dad, Pete Edochie

Rita Edochie, an actress, addressed Yul Edochie, her husband’s nephew, after he mentioned her in his response to Mohbad’s death.

In an Instagram post made over the weekend, Yul accused Nigerians of continuously tormenting him for accepting Judy as a second wife. According to him, the abuse may have killed him.

He went on to explain that the same people who had ridiculed him are now mourning for Mohbad, who died months after reporting about being assaulted and harassed by a group of people associated to Marlian Record Label.

“What they did to Mohbad is what they’ve been doing to me on the internet for over than one year,” Yul wrote.

Furthermore, Yul referenced his Uncle’s wife, Rita, in his article, claiming that while she hasn’t phoned him since he lost his son with his first wife, May Edochie, she has been making comments about his marriage to a second wife.

Rita said that Yul’s remark about her being “my own Aunty” had brought tears to her eyes. Yul, according to Rita Edochie, is not himself, which is why she hasn’t talked about him.

She did, however, single out Judy, Yul’s second wife. Rita referred to Judy as the “Drama Devil” and said she had “caged” Yul.

She stated that she will not stop bringing up Judy until the actress “releases” Yul from the “bottle” and allows him to return to his home.

Her statement is below.

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