“I Don’t Care About What the World Thinks as Long as I Am Okay”- Teni Spills


Popular singer, Teni the entertainer has averred that she doesn’t bother about what the world thinks as long as she is okay with herself.

The ‘Billionaire’ crooner made this known during a recent Instagram live session with a financial firm.

In her words:

”As long as I am okay with myself, I don’t care about what the world thinks which means that if a new Gucci shoe comes out, I don’t want to buy it because everyone is buying it.

 If I am buying it is because I like it so removing peer pressure is the killer of finances because when you want to do what everybody else is doing.

I can buy a shoe of three dollars as long as I like it, I can buy a shoe of $2000 in the same breath as long as I like it but I’m not going around buying $2000 shoe every day or $10,000 shoe every day because guess what I’m not going to wear that shoe more than once but guess what the stock I buy today $1,000 if it happens for me I can make $2,000,000 so when I have that kind of money I can splash $20,000 on some shoes, that’s 10 percent of the 2m which means that I am spending my profit when you get to the level when you start spending your profit and not your savings that is when you can misbehave”.

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