I Am Ready To D!E — Says Toyin Abraham


Toyin Abraham, a popular actor, has taken a strong position against cyberbullying, promising to fight till the end, even if it means sacrificing her own life.

During an Instagram live session, she declared her intention to bring her trolls to justice, saying, “I’m ready to d!e, and my bullies will d!e with me.”

This comes after she received harsh criticism on social media for supporting President Tinubu in the elections.

Despite the criticism, Toyin maintains steadfast, claiming that she has committed no crime and that those responsible for the bullying will face consequences.

As the crisis progresses, it is evident that Toyin Abraham is determined to take a position against cyberbullying no matter the cost

Watch the video below:

In related news, Popular Nigerian actress, Toyin Abraham is under heavy criticism for apparently detaining an X influencer named BIG AYO for alleged defamation of character

An accusation of unjustly arresting his mother was also laid by a user but in a deleted tweet, the accusation was denied by the actress, claiming that she only arrested the main perpetrator.

Meanwhile, she has been tugged back and forth by several X influencers, with Mr Macaroni advocating for a legal alternative to police detention.

All of this comes after the arrested influencer accused Toyin Abraham of collecting money from the elected president during the election and using some of it for her husband’s hair transplant.


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