“How To Make A Man Marry You Even When He Is Not Ready”– Blessing Okoro Tips Single Ladies

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Self acclaimed No.1 Relationship expert Blessing Okoro has shared some tips on how a woman can make a man marry them even when they aren’t ready for the marriage.

Sharing to her official Facebook page The counselor and relationship expert dished out relationship tips with women dating and ready for marriage.

According to the relationship expert, a lot of men do not want to get married not because they are ready but they aren’t sure.

The reason why many men do not marry you ladies is that they are not certain of what they want. There’s always a reason”. Blessing emphasized that men do not marry their girlfriends because they get everything from ladies while dating them.

You cook for them, give birth. Why would they want to marry you? Everything in a relationship, you give it for free so what do you think would fascinate them to marry you. what else can you give”.

Blessing has advised women to stop giving so much in a relationship if they want the men to marry them.

According to Blessing, a lot of women are dating boys and not men. “There is a difference between a boy and a man. Many of you are dating boys,” she said. She emphasized that women should make sure they are in a relationship with men and not boys.

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