How Hilda Baci’s Cook-A-Thon Received 4.8 billion Views Worldwide – Report Reveals

Emotional moment Nigerians turn cooking venue into prayer ground after chef suffered leg cramps

According to a media intelligence analysis produced by a Media Intelligence Consultancy, Nigerian chef Hilda Bassey Effiong, alias Hilda Baci had over 4.8 billion views worldwide during her Cook-a-thon.

According to the data, Nigeria received 67% of the media attention for Hilda Baci’s cook-off, 15% from the US, 4% from the UK, 3% from Ghana, Nigeria’s neighbor, and 1% from Canada.

The remaining nations’ media share was relatively modest, with varying levels of interest and coverage.

Gistlover recalls that Hilda Baci had last week broken the record of the  longest cooking period by an individual in a cooking programme she tagged Cook-a-thon.

The chef cooked for 100 hours to earn the title of of world’s longest cook.

In the media report as gathered from The Punch, the company said that the audit studied and exposed the sponsorships of Hilda Baci’s Cook-a-thon, as well as the sentiment, reach, and share of the media by countries.

The report revealed that the digital media, received over 87 % of the traction and traditional media, got  just 13%/of the traction of the total views.

The report, however, said both online and traditional played a vital role in promoting awareness and engagement with the event.

It advanced that “According to the analysis, the positive sentiment garnered 85%, which can be leveraged by Hilda Baci to build brand loyalty and increase engagement with her audience; while the negative sentiment of 15% suggests that any issues or concerns raised during the event were addressed promptly and effectively.

“The analysis of media share by country highlights the top five countries with the highest earned media coverage of Hilda Baci. 67% of the media coverage emanates from Nigeria, followed by the USA with 15%. The United Kingdom with 4%, Ghana with 3%, and Canada with 1%. The remaining countries had a relatively lower media share, indicating varying degrees of interest and coverage.

“Hilda Baci’s Cook-a-thon was analysed using data harvested from traditional and digital media. These media types provided significant insights on the reach, impact, and characteristics of the event, with 87% generated from digital media and 13% from traditional media, providing a sense of credibility and authenticity to the event.

“The Amore Gardens, the top sponsor, received 18% of the media attention, followed by Uber with 14%, BaigeWallet came in third with 13%, and Arla and Woodscope in lower positions with 10% and 9%, respectively. Noting that media prominence doesn’t necessarily equate to the level of financial or logistical support provided by each sponsor. It reflects the volume of media exposure and visibility they received during the event period.”

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