How Bishop “Oyedepo Peppered the Devil” Established 10,000 Churches without Raising an Offering

How Bishop “Oyedepo Peppered the Devil’ Established 10,000 Churches without Raising an Offering

Founder and Presiding Bishop of the Living Faith Church Worldwide (Winners’ Chapel International), Bishop David Oyedepo has bragged extensively about the goodness of the Lord.

Bishop Oyedepo is widely regarded as the richest African pastor and he describes himself as one who was sent by God to make people rich.

2020 has been a very tough year for most people especially when the effects of the coronavirus are considered. Churches were largely hit as most countries imposed lockdowns which meant that Christians were unable to attend church services.

However, during the ongoing SHILOH, the highly revered Bishop disclosed that despite the onset of the covid-19 and its subsequent effect on the economies of most people and to a very large extent, most countries, he was able to establish 10,000 new churches without raising an offering.

He said:

“In spite of Covid-19 noise some pestilence, we planted 10,000 Churches without raising an offering. We will show the devil and his agents pepper.”

Speaking at the Shiloh 2020 concluded impartation service, he also said: “I wasn’t called to ministry. I just love serving the Lord.”

“I went on a mountain for three days fasting, praying and searching the scriptures, the first day, a snake fell in front of me, by the 3rd day, behold I heard God say to me ‘Behold, I have touched your tongue with a coal of fire, as you say it, you see it.

“There is nothing magical in the kingdom. Everything follows God laid down procedures. … I am not called a leader, God only pays labourers. Only labouring leaders live a profitable life, setting exemplary life for others to follow.”

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