Hillary Clinton can still become US President Next Month If ….


Hillary Clinton

This is a very good news For millions of Democrats and fans of Hillary Clinton across the globe who can’t stand a Donald Trump presidency, there is still one last chance for them to see if their dream of Clinton becoming the first US female president could become a reality.

Though Trump has been declared as the next US president having won the minimum of 270 electoral votes necessary to be elected president, but according to the US Constitution, chosen electors of the Electoral College are the real people who will vote for president when they meet on December 19, 2016 in their respective state capitals.


Although the idea of the electors trying to reverse the vote rarely discussed, such as after the incredibly close 2000 election in which George W. Bush narrowly beat Al Gore, there is nothing stopping any of the electors from refusing to support the candidate to whom they were bound or abstaining from voting.



In this New York Times analysis, more than 99 percent of electors throughout American history have voted as pledged.


The last time one of the electors refused to vote as pledged was back in 2004, when an anonymous voter in Minnesota declined to vote for Democrat John Kerry and instead voted for Kerry’s running mate, John Edwards.

Can such scenario repeat itself in manifolds in favour of Hillary Clinton come December 19th?