”He’s acting like a baby” Reactions as BBN Chomzy shows off her boyfriend on his birthday


Chomzy, a Big Brother Naija contestant, recently celebrated her boyfriend’s birthday, which drew notice on social media.

The cute couple shared a moment on her Instagram story that has garnered diverse comments from friends and followers.

The video shows Chomzy’s boyfriend cuddling her warmly and resting his head on her bottom, a gesture that some internet users misinterpreted as him acting like a baby.

One commenter noted, “When a man loves a woman, that’s how he acts,” highlighting the deep affection evident in their interaction

Another observer pointed out a role reversal, suggesting Chomzy was acting more like the guy in the relationship, while her boyfriend displayed traits typically associated with women.

Despite the diverse opinions, the overall reaction to the video was overwhelmingly positive. Many people found the couple’s display of affection both cute and endearing

Rich Figo the Married Man Dating Bbnaija Chomzy Opens Up on Romantic Relationship

Rich Figo, a Nigerian married man who is apparently seeing former Big Brother Naija housemate Chomzy, has opened up about their romantic relationship.

According to gistlover, the female reality TV star has been trending on social media platforms following claims that she is seeing a married guy.

Figo’s wife also posted images on social media, claiming she is a victim of domestic violence as a result of her husband’s extramarital affair with Chomzy.

In response to the allegation, Figo released a clarification on his Instagram story, clarifying that he is not married.

Their marriage ended last year, and the ex-wife is not the mother of their child, according to him.

He also cautioned people not to criticize Chomzy because of allegations of their love relationship.

He went on to say that the reality TV personality helped him heal from sadness after his ex-wife left him for another man and woman.

He wrote: “#Disclaimer please ooo I am not married ooo I broke up with that girl since last year and she isn’t the mother of my child thou and I just got into a new relationship recently pple should f*cking mind their business anyways just for your information.

“Stop dragging Chomzy that girl made me heal from heart break when my xxx dumped me for another man/woman #mind your business and face your own family… Umu Bingo”

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